DJ YURINA プロフィール

2011年秋自ら立ち上げたネコミミをアイコンにしたアパレルブランド Lily’s Shop (代表兼プロデューサー。


渋谷VISION,WOMB初め新木場ageHa.六本木ESPRIT,麻布十番IVYなど国内から 2012年にはDobaiにて自身のブランドの

ネコミミパーティ「Cat Ailand」をプロデュース。 DJとしても都内主要CLUB~地方営業、海外と年間200本近くのDJ出演している。

House ,EDM ,TOP40と幅広いジャンルでDJプレイをこなす中 2012年6月16日にmixCD『泣きmix』を全国タワーレコードやTUTAYAにてメジャー発売を果たす。

2015年11月30日には全国300店舗のドン・キホーテにて念願のネコミミ付き mixCDをリリース。

ブランドプロデューサーとしても、毎月第3金曜日ageHaのCat Ailandにてコスメ メーカーCosmedic AIとの 女性に視点を置いたコラボパーティーを確立させ、集めた1000枚以上のアンケートを元に株式会社サンリオのキャラクターhello kittyとのコラボレーション商品Cat’s FaceをCLUB発信で初プロデュース!!!!
話題を呼んだモテコスメは現在リップ、アイライナー、マスカラと第3弾まで全国 5000店舗以上にて発売中。


2015年12月~渋谷にてネコミミガールズBARをオープンさせ、 ネコミミガールはもちろん、DJブース、ポール、Lily’s Shopコスチュームなど 自身の世界観をMAXに活かした空間をプロデュースしている。

現代の若者に対しあらゆる方向から強い女性の象徴とキャッチーアイコン的存在か ら女性を中心に、カリスマ的な支持を得ており DJ兼プロデューサーとして新たなカルチャーを世界中に発信する今最も勢いのある 女性アーティストの1人である。


Producer and representative of Lily’s Shop, an apparel brand launched in the autumn of 2011 with cat-ears as its central icon.

Joined the event organization team JOINT in 2007 and began DJing at the same time.

Currently appearing as a guest DJ/event producer at around 250 events across Japan and abroad each year, including the largest clubs in Tokyo such as Camelot, WOMB, VISION, ageHa and others in the Roppongi area. Plays a wide range of music genres, from House to EDM and TOP40, consistently performing in front of dance floors of over 1000 people.

Performs as a DJ with her very own brand cat-ears as her trademark, supported by a female-focussed group of fans.

After gaining popularity in the music world of Japan, she released her own mix CD “Naki mix” on June 16th 2012.

Each month since September 2012 she hosts the “Cat Island” event at ageHa, and this forms the central party of her apparel brand Lily’s shop.

Has become a social phenomenon in the club world of Japan, as can be seen by the large number of fans who come to her events wearing the iconic cat ears. The red-hot Nekomimi (“Cat Ears”) parties are constantly packed with fans, and have exploded onto the scene in Tokyo to such an extent that she now hosts events at all the major clubs in the city such as ageHa, WOMB, VISION etc.

In 2012 she hosted the Nekomimi party “Cat Island” in Dubai, making use of her own original animation.

She regularly appears as a guest DJ at ageHa’s only Lady’s Free Party “agePa!!”, and used this opportunity to set-up a space for women’s fashion in PINK ROOM. Based on a survey of over 1000 people, she subsequently produced the club’s first make-up product “Cat’s Face” in collaboration with the cosmetics brand Cosmedic AI. The hugely popular cosmetics products made in collaboration with hello kitty went on sale from June 1st 2014 at over 5000 locations across Japan. On March 13th 2015 she released her 3rd eye-liner product, and plans to serialize the product in the future.

Accompanying these sales, she is the first female DJ to appear on the advertisement boards in the trains of Tokyo’s JR Yamanote Line. Her brand also appears in all forms of media such as magazines and newspapers.


またCat Ailandでは一緒にパーティーを盛り上げてくれるDJ,DANCER、プロモーターを募集しております。